Written in 2008

Compact Framework

The library and samples compiled for CF v2.0 are provided in the NETCF folder, and for CF v1.0 in the NETCFv1 folder. Necessary changes were made to the source to have it compile against the CF; the changes to the OBEX library itself were minor: loosening of the strict ASCII string to Byte Sequence conversion due to the non-existence of fallback exception modes in System.Text.Encoding, removal of some assembly level attributes, and latterly, removal of some logging code, and the implementation of the DOCTYPE stripping as discussed above. The library is also supplied compiled for CF v1.0 and one sample for it is also included.

Screenshot of NETCF PutGuiVb sample

Early version of the library did not fully work on the NETCF unfortunately, and I was no longer happy with releasing the core library for a platform on which it hadn't been fully tested. Running the ~600 unit-tests from the NETCF assembly on the desktop CLR obviously not being up to the job, as of course it used the desktop Framework Class Library, so I set about finding a solution to that. I thus created an application to run all of my NUnit unit-tests on a PocketPC device. Now, I haven't yet got any code coverage solution there, but all of the applicable tests run and pass, so I'm much happier now. The main thing highlighted by running the tests was the DOCTYPE issue in the Folder Listing parser. The samples have also all been tested on real Windows Mobile devices.

Four samples are included (thought only one for NETCFv1). There are conversions of the PutGUI C#, PutGuiVb2, and FolderExplorer programs from the desktop, there is also a version of FolderExplorer for Smartphone. In all cases the projects were created from scratch within Visual Studio with the Forms laid out there and the communications code copied from their desktop equivalents. In all cases of course the background threading functionality had to be created from scratch, manual implementations of the BackgroundWorker component and the delegate.BeginInvoke being provided respectively. There is also a new simple GET sample, GetUi, which allow downloading of files, with their name and optionally media type supplied manually; this sample was of most use before the DOCTYPE stripping work was done for the folder-listing parser.

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