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The library provides very broad OBEX support, providing not just the ‘Put’ operation , but also: Connect, Put, Get, SetPath, Delete, and Abort.


May 2014

Brecham.Obex was programmed by Andy Hume between 2006 and 2008. It was hosted by the 32feet.NET website. That website no longer exists in that form so that library 'dropped off' of the internet. We are re-hosting it here. Firstly we will provide access to the latest releases made by Andy but we will upload the source code in time. The library remain accessible in NuGet also.

The library was feature complete when published and so is fully useable in its original form. Changes are will be considered to enhance its operations, for instance to make the Folder-Listing XML Parse less strict as experience has shown that OBEX servers often produce odd content!

Written in 2008


The library provides very broad client-side OBEX support, providing not just the ‘Put’ operation that most libraries and applications support, but also the complete set of operations: Connect, Put, Get, SetPath, Delete, and Abort. This is accessed through a session based interface. All errors communicating to the peer OBEX server are exposed to the calling application.

As well as the ‘on-the-wire’ protocol support there is also broad support for the objects defined in the OBEX specification, for instance the Folder Listing XML documents as used by the Folder-Browsing service. A full parser, returning an array of folder and file objects, is included

The library also provides access to its lower-level PDU (packet) creation and parsing facilities, enabling third-party implementation of any required features, for instance server-side operation, and perhaps even reliable-session support.

The library, its class documentation in both compiled HTML Help, and in raw XML for Intellisense, and a Programmer’s Guide are included.

Assemblies for both the FXv2 desktop and Compact Framework versions 1 and 2 are supplied.

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